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Gelu Ciorna / Elder

Steve 1024.JPG

Stephen Williams / Elder


Jon 1024.JPG

Jonathan Heyes / Elder

Jonathan (known as Jon) has been attending Shirley Community Church (previously Shirley Evangelical Church) for nearly 50 years. He has previously served in the Sunday School, Youth groups and has been a member of the leadership team for over 30 years. These days he provides administration and technical support for the Church calling on his experience from working in the Civil Service and then in computer and systems management for Housing Associations. He is now retired having last worked for a large multi-national company in HR systems support. He met his wife Jane in the Church and they have two sons and six grandchildren.

Jane 1024.JPG

Jane Heyes / Deacon (Sunday school & safeguarding)


Jane was 8 years old when she began attending the Sunday School of Shirley Evangelical Church, which later became Shirley Community Church, and is now a member of the leadership team. Her roles are with working with the children including being safeguarding coordinator and running a small group. She is always on hand for administration tasks and liaising with the groups who hire the church hall. She is married to Jon (also on the leadership team) and has two sons and six grandchildren. For many years Jane worked in a Christian bookshop and so has a useful knowledge of books, bibles and training materials.

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