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SCC is a Christian congregation following the gospel of Jesus.

We pray that God will be closer to our community.

We also practice our faith to bring our community closer to God.

We aim to be the church that God wants to see in this generation.  

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It is good to welcome you to Shirley Community Church here in Solihull. Whether you’re a one-time only visitor or are thinking about joining the church, we want you to know God’s goodness and blessing in your time with us. We are a “community” church because we want to live our lives as community. Jesus said that our lives together and the love we show towards each other would be a demonstration of the fact that we are following Him. That’s our aim as a church. Community is also about where we live. We are here in this part of Shirley in Solihull to benefit and bless the wider community. We aim to bring God closer to our community primarily through the way we live our lives and also our involvement in various activities that operate from the church and elsewhere. We also want to bring our community closer to God by praying for them and looking for ways in which they can begin to connect with the wonderful God who loves each one of us.

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