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Posted 16th May 2020

The Love Of God

The latest in a series of articles by Stephen Williams. This one is called "The Love Of God" and can be found here.

Posted 15th May 2020

What Does Jesus Expects Of Us

In a follow up to his previous video "What Do We Expect From Jesus" Jon Heyes asks "What Does Jesus Expect From Us?" Watch the video from Jon first and then play the Keith Green video.

Posted 8th May 2020

Singing for the community

Here are some pictures from the singing done at the junction of Loxley Avenue and Neville Road on Saturday 2nd May. Also some pictures from the singing at the Church on Wednesday 6th May. Click on a picture for a larger image.

2020-05-02 1.jpeg
2020-05-06 1.jpeg
2020-05-02 2.jpeg
2020-05-02 3.jpeg
2020-05-06 2.jpeg

Posted 1st May 2020

The "Jesus Loves You" Gospel

The next in the series of videos produced by Stephen Williams is called The "Jesus Loves You" Gospel. The video is below and the transcript can be found here.

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